The Forbidden City Beijing
The Forbidden City Beijing
An UNESCO World Heritage Site

Temple of Heaven -an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing

The Temple of Heaven was built in the first half of the 15th century. It is a solemn building complex composed of exquisite cult buildings. It is built in a garden surrounded by pine forests with a long history. In its overall layout and the layout of various buildings, it symbolizes the relationship between heaven and earth, the human world and the god world, which are at the center of the origin of Chinese cosmogony, and the special role of the emperor in this relationship.The building was magnificent and the environment was solemn.

The Temple of Heaven, which has experienced many vicissitudes, has become a portrayal of ancient oriental civilization with its profound cultural connotation and magnificent architectural style.It is included in the World Heritage List. The echo wall, three-tone stone, dialogue stone, and heavenly heart stone in the altar are called four wonders. Among them, the echo wall, three-tone stone, and Qiuqiu are cleverly constructed using acoustic principles.

Address:No. 1 Tianli Dongli District, Dongcheng District, Beijin


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Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest

The Temple of Heaven was built in the 17th years of Emperor 's reign (1420), and the original name was "Great Worship Hall". It is a rectangular hall used to worship heaven and earth. In Jiajing-24 years(1545), it was changed to a three-eaves round hall, and the roof of the hall was covered with upper blue, medium yellow, and lower blue which symbolize heaven, earth and everything, changing name to "Great Enjoyment Hall". In the 16th years of Emperor Qianlong's reign (1751), the three-color tile was changed to a unified blue tile gold roof, renamed as "Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest" as a special building for praying good harvest in Mengchun (the first month of Chinese New Year). The hall is 38.2 meters high and 24.2 meters in diameter. The inner rooms of the hall respectively implys four seasons, December, 12 o'clock and the star of the week and is the only surviving example of Ming Dynasty's style's architecture.

Notes about Temple of Heaven Park

No treadmills, no ipods, no sweat-absorbing fabrics. No protein shakes, no hot yoga, no motion recorders. Only with the jungle gym and incredible physical fitness level, those elderly Chinese showed human dexterity in Temple of Heaven Park. Every day, Many foreign tourists come to the Temple of Heaven to see the activities of the old people. This is the most authentic way to experience Chinese morning exercises. They can always make some amazing movements, which will definitely widen your horizon. Those has gradually broken the stereotype of the elderly group, showing the social and athletic life of the elderly today. In addition to the magnificent buildings, the old people play poker, play chess and chat, and they can also play all kinds of musical instruments in the corridor that creating a particularly relaxed and harmonious picture.

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How to get Temple of Heaven 

Subway: Take subway Line 5, get off at Tiantan Dongmen Station, then exit from Exit A to the east gate of Tiantan park.

                     Take subway Line 8, get off at Tianqiao Station, then exit from C to the west gate of Tiantan Park


Bus :        Take Bus No.6,34,35,36,72,106 or 110, get off at Tiantan North Station.

                       Take Bus No.2,20,36,53,71,72,90,93,120,622 or S11, get off at Tiantan West Station

                       Take Bus No. 36,53,62,122,525,958,S11, get off at Tiantan South Station

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  • There may be temporary closure which cannot always be scheduled in advance, since something unpredictable always happens. The management of the Park would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.
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  • Tickets are E-tickets, so there is no paper ticket needed to enter the Temple of Heaven.
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  • It is recommended to visit about 1.5hours

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Admission TicketCombined Ticketprayer hall, echo wall and Circular Mound Altar)
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  • Free tickets available for seniors above 60. (Seniors should use their valid passports or ID card to get free tickets from the tickets office. )

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